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minimum contact, maximum hygiene


Before your arrival, we wanted to share what is required for a safe stay at our hotel. As this pandemic has taught us; "Please think about others before yourself." We intend for you to leave here as healthy as, and hopefully also more relaxed as you have arrived.

Rules for Checking-in (14:00) and Checking-out (12:00)

  • Your room key has been disinfected and must only be used by you. During your stay, the key must not come into contact with your personal belongings.  Please be careful when carrying the key inside the hotel.


  • It is important that you use the trash bags provided for the waste in your room and bathroom. If you have additional personal trash such as shoeboxes, gift boxes, bags, hygiene products, etc., please request extra trash bags. Keep all trash bags tied and do not leave them out in the open.

  • During this time, we encourage as much natural ventilation as possible. The filters of your room's air conditioning system have always been cleaned routinely, however currently they are being cleaned even more frequently. Your air conditioning and television remotes have been disinfected specifically for your use.

  • During your stay, a guest from outside your room is not allowed to visit you.

  • The layout in the garden lawn complies with social distancing protocols.  Please do not change this layout.

Rules for public spaces and the health center
  • Please keep the contact between your personal items and the hotel's sun loungers, cushions, seats, etc. to a minimum.

Rules for restaurant use

  • The interior and exterior layouts of the restaurant comply with social distancing protocols.  Please do not change this layout.

  • We continue to provide single-use towels in our public restrooms. Additionally, you will find hand sanitation stations throughout the hotel. As our restaurant also serves guests from the outside, we recommend that you use the bathroom facilities in your own room should the need arise.

  • The hotel management may close the public restrooms if they feel that the necessary hygiene protocols cannot be maintained.

  • In accordance with hygiene rules, each guest will receive a single-use menu or be provided with a QR Code to download the menu onto a smart phone. 

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