A world of wellness and relaxation

The Sumahan Wellness strategy in Istanbul is to make you feel that much better when you leave us than before you arrived.

Turkish Hamam

Turkish Hammam at Sumahan on the Water Hotel in Istanbul, Turkey

The Turkish Hamam within Sumahan Hotel in Istanbul is a deeply aesthetic way of keeping clean. Historically, it was at the center of Turkish culture and at Sumahan we have tried to capture the spirit and architecture of this ritual. It depends as much on the quality of light seeping through the domed ceiling, the echo of running water, the application of warmth and cool, the smooth feel of marble, as it does on soap.

Sumahan’s own private hamam polishes the ritual to a level of refinement hard to find elsewhere. Upon entering the Sumahan Wellness you are greeted by a marble fountain, fresh fruit, walnuts and dried apricots.

First you wrap your body in a soft pestemal (towel) and adorn your feet with wooden takunya (slippers). Your next step is into the hamam itself where you are enveloped by the heat of the hararet (warmth) under a traditional dome that bathes the Marmara marble floor in warm light.

A raised marble platform, göbek taşı (raised marble platform), centers the room where you can choose to wash yourself from one of the carved kurnas (basins) with an ornate copper tas (bowl). However, the ultimate indulgence is to enlist the services of a specially trained masseur or masseuse.

She will suds and exfoliate your whole body with kese, a traditional rough cloth mitt.  Following this deep-scrubbing and thorough washing, you will be treated to a professional foam massage, the kind that loosens your muscles as the hot waters continue running and steam rising.  Now you are ready for soğukluk, the cooling-off section where you can lounge on a large divan listening to the soothing sound of the marble fountain while you sip your cool water with fresh mint leaves and enjoy healthy bites and refreshed by lavender cologne.  Never was taking a bath so warm, so luxurious, so relaxing or so much fun.


Massage Room at Sumahan on the Water Hotel in Istanbul, Turkey

Surrounded by the lavender, orange, mint, bergamot and rose aromas of essential oils in a dedicated room lit by candles and set to relaxing music, guests may select from a variety of specialized treatments such as Swedish and Deep Tissue Massage, Reflexology, Aromateraphy, Cellulite Treatment or Bali Massage.

Swedish Massage
Rhythmic, soothing hand movements relieve muscle tension and promote a peaceful sense of deep relaxation. Renowned massage that uses light to medium pressure.

Deep Tissue Massage
A strong total body massage to relieve body tensions resulting from sports and busy working days.

A Chinese - inspired reflexology massage, pressure is strategically applied to points on the feet to promote optimum health and well-being.

One of the most popular massages. It is applied with different natural aroma essences and oils. Depending on how you wish to feel after the treatment, the therapists offer five different kinds of oils. (Rose oil – Lavander oil – Orange oil – Mint oil – Basilicum)

Cellulite Treatment
This intensive, targeted treatment oxygenates and remineralizes the skin in order to specifically reduce the appearance of cellulite and redefine the contours of the body.

Localized Massage
Localized massage treatments focus on certain problematic body areas such as head – neck, nape – shoulder – back, back – waist, arm and legs. This treatment is administered if a specific discomfort is identified or if recommended by a physician.

Bali Massage
The most important feature of this aromatheraputic massage performed using herbal essences and herbal oils, which are released through distillation in steam, is that the body fortifies its ability to heal itself. With the relaxing and rejuvenating effects of scents personalised for each guest, a Bali massage promotes both physiological and psychological well-being. If you want to spoil yourself, this is one of the best ways to do it.

Sultan Massage
Body Scrub and Foam Massage, Body Peeling, Face Mask and Aromatherapy.

Bosphorus Dream
Body Scrub and Foam Massage, Face Mask and Localized Massage.


Fitness Facilities at Sumahan on the Water Hotel in Istanbul, Turkey

For those who wish to keep fit, we offer a well-lit environment with state of the art equipment; two Treadmills, a Recumbent Bicycle and an Arch Trainer all with individual television monitors. We also provide free-weights and space for stretching.

Minimum Contact, Maximum Hygiene

Dear guests,

Before your arrival, we wanted to share what is required for a safe stay at our hotel.

As this pandemic has taught us

"Please think about others before yourself."

We intend for you to leave here as healthy as you arrived.

Warmest regards


It is obligatory for guests to confirm the declaration "I have read and accept the following rules" in writing at the time of booking.

Mandatory Rules for Checking-in (16:00) and Checking-out (10:00)

  • If a guest has arrived before you and is checking in, please wait in your car until asked to enter by the hotel attendant.
  • The temperature of each guests is taken upon arrival. If any of the guests register temperatures that exceed the limit specified by the Ministry, they will not be allowed into the hotel and they will be directed to the nearest health care provider. During this process, all guests must wear a mask.
  • Your room key has been disinfected and must only be used by you. During your stay, the key must not come into contact with your personal belongings. Please be careful when carrying the key inside the hotel.
  • If you wish to make payments with a credit card, you must follow the instructions of the hotel staff who will process the payment.
  • For hotel guests who have arrived from abroad or will be traveling abroad we have a special arrangement with the Biruni Diagnostic Laboratory which is approved by the Turkish Ministry of Health for the Covid-19 PCR test. The test would be carried out at the Hotel for a total fee of 250TL, including VAT.

Mandatory Rules while in the Room

  • To maximize the effectiveness of the cleaning products used to disinfect the room, textile products should not touch any surfaces with which your shoes have come into contact. Therefore, avoid contact with the floor when using any provided textile products. These include pillows, piques, duvets, sheets, etc. Also, avoid placing the towels in the bathrooms on the floor with the exception of foot towels.
  • It is important that you use the trash bags provided for the waste in your room and bathroom. If you have additional personal trash such as shoeboxes, gift boxes, bags, hygiene products, etc., please request extra trash bags. Keep all trash bags tied and do not leave them out in the open.
  • The informational booklet usually found in your room has been removed to comply with the pandemic measures. Thank you for your sensitivity to the environment.
  • During this time, we encourage as much natural ventilation as possible. The filters of your room's air conditioning system have always been cleaned routinely, however currently they are being cleaned even more frequently. Your air conditioning and television remotes have been disinfected specifically for your use.
  • During your stay, a guest from outside your room is not allowed to visit you.
  • The layout in the garden lawn complies with social distancing protocols. Please do not change this layout.
  • Please inform the reception in advance if you do not want anyone to enter your room during your stay to perform the daily room cleaning. If you prefer, service can be limited to fresh towels.

Mandatory rules for Public Spaces and the Health Center

  • Please keep the contact between your personal items and the hotel's sun loungers, cushions, seats, etc. to a minimum.
  • Turkish Hamam service at the Health Center will be limited to 30 minutes and done by appointment only. There will be 60-minute interval between each appointment to allow for hygienic cleaning. We have received our certificate of approval by TÜV NORD, which is a requirement for Health Center operation.

Mandatory Rules for Restaurant Use

  • The interior and exterior layouts of the restaurant comply with social distancing protocols. Please do not change this layout.
  • We continue to provide single-use towels in our public restrooms. Additionally, you will find hand sanitation stations throughout the hotel. As our restaurant also serves guests from the outside, we recommend that you use the bathroom facilities in your own room should the need arise.
  • The hotel management may close the public restrooms if they feel that the necessary hygiene protocols cannot be maintained.
  • The use of masks in the restaurant's indoor areas is required. The hotel staff are authorized to warn any guest who does not wear a mask in these areas.
  • In accordance with hygiene rules, each guest will receive a single-use menu or be provided with a QR Code to download the menu onto a smart phone.